5 Top Brands in USA that Offer Engagement Rings

Are you to plan your entire life with your partner? Is it that you are prepared to spend some money on your memorable as well as special occasion? Are you sure that he or she is the right one for you? Is your decision about the one is right for you, as you have to be with the one person forever?

If you have Yes as the answer for all the aforementioned questions then you need to get yourself an engagement right. Having the best and exclusive engagement ring is something extremely tough to have. You may find yourself confused as you may come across numerous options. You need to make sure that you have decided properly to prevent any sort of regrets in the near future. In most of the scenarios, people want their engagement days to be an extremely perfect and special one by opting for an exclusive and unique engagement ring. In the present times, designer engagement rings are exceedingly popular and well accepted.

Why would you think so? The primary reason is that it would be the best one when it comes to quality and designing. Although they are expensive but are classy too as the hold a good market reputation. The top 5 brands that offer engagement rings are Robin Bros, Tiffany and Co., Verragio, Zales and Tacori.

– First and foremost, it is about Tiffany and Co. It happens to be an extremely popular brand when it comes to different engagement ring styles as it offers both typical and contemporary styles. The rings are available for both women and men. It also offers wedding bands, pendants, earrings and bracelets.

– Tacori is another renowned name in this regard. They not only offer rings but also bracelets, necklaces and earrings. You must be wondering what kind of materials are utilized by the brand? The signature rings by Tacori are mostly made of platinum and diamond. These exclusive and man-made rings are best in quality as well as luster that you cannot see in any of the other available brands.

– Zales is another renowned brand of the USA. They are offering people with discounts and exclusive deals that people really get to appreciate. They offer their consumers with more than 70% of discount which is quite big and you cannot find any such deal in any other store. The brand itself is very much exclusive as they allow their customers have more options to personalize their engagement and wedding rings. This way, the consumers find them more special and feel that they actually have designed their own ring for a special occasion.

– Verragio also is a unique brand which offers its consumers with diamond rings for weddings and engagements that your partner is really going to appreciate. The rings they offer are exceedingly easy to clean and extremely comfortable to wear. You can choose from numerous available designs as per your budget and preferences.

– Then it is the Robin Bros. It is a brand which established back in year 1920 and is running until now. They have been satisfying their consumers via different exclusive services. They do not only sell engagement rings but also offer other accessories and trinkets.
So what are you actually waiting for? This is the time when you should be showing love and affection to your partner. You can surprise them with your love and present them with their engagement rings.

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How to Get an Engagement Ring Appraised

An engagement ring is usually a pretty big investment that deserves to be covered under an insurance policy. In order to get insurance coverage for an engagement ring, you will probably have to get the ring appraised. If you would like to know how to go about getting an engagement ring appraised, the following tips can help.

Understand the Appraisal Process

Before you get an engagement ring appraised, you should familiarize yourself with the appraisal process. First of all, you should locate a professional independent jewelry appraiser to complete the appraisal. They have the proper qualifications and will be able to give you an honest and trustworthy appraisal. A professional will also be taken seriously by insurance companies when it comes time to insure the ring. When you meet with the appraiser, they will analyze many aspects of the ring and complete a detailed report. The report will contain information on the ring and list its value. Although values are calculated in a number of ways, the most common value placed upon an engagement ring is the true market value. This is the amount it would cost to replace the ring if it happens to be lost or stolen.

Get the Appraisal

Once you have an understanding of how the appraisal process works, you should then find a qualified individual to appraise your ring. You may have to make an appointment with the appraiser, depending on their schedule and yours. The duration of jewelry appraisals can vary, but plan on setting aside at least half an hour. You will obviously have to take the engagement ring with you to the appointment. The appraiser will thoroughly examine the ring and may take notes during the examination. They will look at things like the style and composition of the ring. They will also grade any diamonds or gemstones that may be in place. After their examination is complete, the appraiser will then make a report based on their findings. The report will likely contain things such as a detailed description, photographs, characteristics of the ring, and its value. Most professional independent jewelry appraisers will also list their credentials and qualifications when they sign and complete the appraisal. After you have your engagement ring appraised, you will be able to obtain insurance coverage for it. Some people also like to get engagement rings appraised prior to purchase, so they know the person selling it is representing the ring appropriately and selling it for a fair price. Some sellers may allow this, others may not.

After the Appraisal

Once your engagement ring has been appraised by a professional, you will have to take the detailed appraisal report to your insurance agent before you can get coverage. Most jewelry can be added to an existing homeowners or renters insurance policy for a relatively small amount. The value of the engagement ring will usually determine how much you pay for insurance coverage.

Now that you know how simple it is to get an engagement ring appraised, you should have no excuse not to do it. An appraisal will not only allow you to obtain insurance coverage for the ring, but give you peace of mind as well.

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How to Find the Best Engagement Ring for Your Special Someone

How to Find the Best Engagement Ring for Your Special Someone

Many women dream of having a beautiful engagement ring on their finger. It represents a life of love and happiness with her future husband, and the ring symbolizes that love. Naturally, a man will want to find the best engagement ring for his special someone. When he sets out shopping, there are a few pointers he can keep in mind.

What Does She Want?

Perhaps the simplest way to find the best engagement ring for a woman is for a man to take his future fiance along when he shops for a ring, suggests About.com. She’ll be able to see the styles, the cut on the stones, and determine if the ring fits her hand. And chances are if he is in a serious relationship, she’s already thought about and possibly seen the right ring for her. However, the drawback to this method is that it prevents the element of surprise, which some men want when they present their future fiance with a ring and the down-on-one-knee routine.


For the man who is determined to go it alone on his ring-shopping quest, one of the most important questions he can ask himself is “What is her style?” This not only includes the decorative elements of the ring such as oval verses square cut on the stones, but it also has broader implications. If the guy and his gal are nature enthusiasts who spend a lot of time hiking, rock climbing, camping, or playing outdoor sports, a ring that can get snagged on a rock may not be the best option. Stones that lay flat or are embedded in the metal of the ring fit the action girl lifestyle. On the other hand, women who don’t have as active a lifestyle may prefer a higher set on the stone than someone who’s on the go all the time.

Additionally, rings are designed to fit certain fashion styles as well. A woman who favors traditional clothing and makeup styles may also gravitate toward these styles for her ring. However, a woman who embraces a modern, almost avant gard style will probably not enjoy the same kind of ring. When going shopping for a ring, a man can visit with the ring salesman to be directed the the ring style that will fit his future fiance best.

Ring Size

At some point in the ring buying process, the man will need to find out what his girlfriend’s ring size is, according to YourEngagement101.com. One simple way to do this is to get a ring sizer and compare it to other rings she has in her jewelry box until he finds her size. This works if the woman keeps her unworn rings in a jewelry box to which her husband-to-be can easily access. Additionally, this should be done with a ring sizer as opposed to removing the ring from the box; the woman may figure out that it’s gone and panic.

If this option doesn’t work, he can enlist the help of a best friend or her parents to find out her size. This can negate the element of surprise that the man is hoping for, however. The man must also be able to trust the person he’s asking. He doesn’t need someone to spill the beans before the magical moment.


Sometimes the guy in question already has a ring in mind because it has been passed down in his family for generations. If that is the case, then he should talk with his intended about her feelings about the heirloom ring. If this becomes the ring of choice, then the couple may want to incorporate the history of the ring into the wedding ceremony to tie the event to the past and present.


Many a man may worry about finding the best engagement ring for his future wife. However, YourEngagement101 advises men not to let these feelings make them insecure. While a woman may have an opinion about why another woman’s ring isn’t exactly right, the ring that lands on her finger from her special guy makes it her ring and therefore something special. If the man listens to his girlfriend when she talks about what the ideal ring for her would be, he should be set on the course that will help him find the right engagement ring for his intended.

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