Sapphire Engagement Rings

ONE of the MOST Beautiful Rings I have ever seen!! 3.25ctw Diamond & 14k Gold & Yellow Sapphire Ring Seller skexports_diamondjewels

When most people hear the word Sapphire they think Blue, but Sapphires come in almost every color except red.  Red Sapphires are Rubies.
Sapphires can also come in pure white, which almost look like a diamond without the brilliance of the spectrum that a diamond has.  Pink sapphires  become very popular after Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez.  Padparadscha Sapphires are a fancy colored orange-pink or pinkish-orange.  These sapphires are quite rare are costly and are often reproduced in labs because they are hard to find in bigger sizes.    

When buying a blue sapphire the best advice is to look at the color of the stone.  The most sought after and valuable sapphires are deep blue which often do not change color when the light is changes.  Sapphires that are too dark or too light are of less value than a royal blue stone.  Many seller will tell you the darker the blue the better, but that is not true.  The royal blue sapphire is the most valuable sapphire.  Sapphires are found in India, Burma, Ceylon, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Brazil and Africa, but the best Sapphires come from Ceylon.   Buying a blue sapphire is a very unique and regal choice for an engagement ring, as Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana with a sapphire when he had all the choices of diamonds in the world. 

1.25ct Champagne Diamond Yellow Sapphire 14K Gold Ring Seller nrs-diamonds $230USD

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