Picking Out The Right Ring For Your Bride

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There is a common misconception when it comes to engagement rings, that they all have to be diamonds and they have to be expensive. Let’s get real and realize that not everyone has the same style or the money to do so.

An engagement is to signify to your bride and others that you have made the commitment to marry this person in the future and an engagement ring is the sign of that love. An engagement ring tends to be the ‘wow factor’ compared to the wedding band that a bride receives on her wedding day during the vow exchange. Picking the right ring isn’t as hard as you think. Choose an engagement ring that signifies your love for her and what you two represent. Give her something that no one else has and that she will love for a life time. Consider her style and her taste in her clothing, home décor and in general.

If she tends to like antiques in her home, then a vintage ring with a different stone could interest her. If she tends to buy new and name brand modern things she would like a princess cut diamond. Some tricks that you could do to find out the right ring for her isto do some sneaky homework.

See if she has a Pinterest account, you can publically find her by searching her name and then finding a board that is labeled ‘wedding’, ‘jewelry’ or just roam her boards for inspiration. Women pin things that they want or find pleasing. Also try carefully searching her current ring collection as well as keep an eye open to suggestions. Most women have an idea of what they want and have no problem dropping small hints. Lastly, try talking to her best friend, sibling or the person that would know more about her ring preferences. Be sure that this person can keep a secret!

Don’t put yourself in debt over a ring and purchase a ring that you can afford. It has been said that three month salary is the appropriate amount to spend on a ring. Take your time and save up for the ring. If you feel that the ring is less than what you were hoping for, always keep in mind that you can always buy her an upgraded ring further down the road.

Picking out the bride was the best decision you ever made and the engagement ring, the second. Ignore the social standards of rings and buy one that something that she will love and that comes from the heart. Good luck and happy engagement!

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  • http://www.acsilver.co.uk/ Gemma Tubbrit

    There are so many important things to consider when finding the perfect ring for your loved one. For me its all about the cut, specifically emerald cut engagement rings. They draw so much attention to the diamonds shine.