How to Find the Best Engagement Ring for Your Special Someone

How to Find the Best Engagement Ring for Your Special Someone

Many women dream of having a beautiful engagement ring on their finger. It represents a life of love and happiness with her future husband, and the ring symbolizes that love. Naturally, a man will want to find the best engagement ring for his special someone. When he sets out shopping, there are a few pointers he can keep in mind.

What Does She Want?

Perhaps the simplest way to find the best engagement ring for a woman is for a man to take his future fiance along when he shops for a ring, suggests She’ll be able to see the styles, the cut on the stones, and determine if the ring fits her hand. And chances are if he is in a serious relationship, she’s already thought about and possibly seen the right ring for her. However, the drawback to this method is that it prevents the element of surprise, which some men want when they present their future fiance with a ring and the down-on-one-knee routine.


For the man who is determined to go it alone on his ring-shopping quest, one of the most important questions he can ask himself is “What is her style?” This not only includes the decorative elements of the ring such as oval verses square cut on the stones, but it also has broader implications. If the guy and his gal are nature enthusiasts who spend a lot of time hiking, rock climbing, camping, or playing outdoor sports, a ring that can get snagged on a rock may not be the best option. Stones that lay flat or are embedded in the metal of the ring fit the action girl lifestyle. On the other hand, women who don’t have as active a lifestyle may prefer a higher set on the stone than someone who’s on the go all the time.

Additionally, rings are designed to fit certain fashion styles as well. A woman who favors traditional clothing and makeup styles may also gravitate toward these styles for her ring. However, a woman who embraces a modern, almost avant gard style will probably not enjoy the same kind of ring. When going shopping for a ring, a man can visit with the ring salesman to be directed the the ring style that will fit his future fiance best.

Ring Size

At some point in the ring buying process, the man will need to find out what his girlfriend’s ring size is, according to One simple way to do this is to get a ring sizer and compare it to other rings she has in her jewelry box until he finds her size. This works if the woman keeps her unworn rings in a jewelry box to which her husband-to-be can easily access. Additionally, this should be done with a ring sizer as opposed to removing the ring from the box; the woman may figure out that it’s gone and panic.

If this option doesn’t work, he can enlist the help of a best friend or her parents to find out her size. This can negate the element of surprise that the man is hoping for, however. The man must also be able to trust the person he’s asking. He doesn’t need someone to spill the beans before the magical moment.


Sometimes the guy in question already has a ring in mind because it has been passed down in his family for generations. If that is the case, then he should talk with his intended about her feelings about the heirloom ring. If this becomes the ring of choice, then the couple may want to incorporate the history of the ring into the wedding ceremony to tie the event to the past and present.


Many a man may worry about finding the best engagement ring for his future wife. However, YourEngagement101 advises men not to let these feelings make them insecure. While a woman may have an opinion about why another woman’s ring isn’t exactly right, the ring that lands on her finger from her special guy makes it her ring and therefore something special. If the man listens to his girlfriend when she talks about what the ideal ring for her would be, he should be set on the course that will help him find the right engagement ring for his intended.

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