Fay Cullen's Edwardian Engagement Rings

Fay Cullen Antique Diamond Engagement Rings

With over 25 years in the business, Fay Cullen is a prestigious Antique Jewelry Company with exceptional taste with a customers that have especially regal demands. Fay Cullen is one of the biggest antique and estate jewelry companies out there. They comb the market searching for only the best vintage antique styles that are hard to find. For more information on Fay Cullen, find their website at www.faycullen.com If you are after presenting your bride with a one of a kind ring with a ornate rich look, try the antique styles of the past.


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  • http://www.ArtDecoDiamonds.com antique love

    I love antique rings… very nice!

  • carla

    Hi, I have just been browsing your website and think your rings are exquisite- could you please send me a pricing guide.

    Regards, Carla Morrison

  • Admin

    Hi Carla,

    Sorry, we don’t sell rings, we just blog about them.

    Huge Blessings to you