19 Creative and Nerdy Wedding Rings

Guest Post By Allison Foster

When two geeks fall in love, it can be an interesting experience. You see the thing about geeks or nerds or whatever you call them is that they are usually also very creative people. They do not want to settle for the same old boring things; especially when it comes to something as important and personal as wedding rings. They want something that will really show their creative side, portray their personalities and interests, and make them stand out above all the rest. From presentation to the ring itself, geeks can get creative in their proposals. Here are some awesomely creative and nerdy wedding rings that you have to see to believe!

1. A Part of My DNA – (above) These three wedding ring ideas borrow from biology. Great for all the science nerds out there, the rings are twisted in the double helixthat DNA is known for. From diamonds to tiny gems standing in for the base pairs, these rings could easily be personalized with the bride and groom’s birth stones. The simple gold ring is great for the man to wear.

2. We Just Click – Integrating an Ethernet port and plug, these his and hers wedding rings are a tech nerd’s dream come true. A little too boxy and chunky for my tastes, they still have a charm about them, but maybe they should be worn around the neck instead of on their fingers?

3. You Fry My Circuits –It is not only the ring that stands out in this image but the box it is in as well. The traditional red velvet heart box is filled with a circuit board. The ring itself features a tiny microchip instead of a diamond at the center.

4. Forever in My Memory –(above) The design of this simple ring was inspired by a USB or thumb drive. The USB plug sits in the center with its adjoining port just a bit away.

5. We Have Chemistry – (above) For chemistry nerds everywhere, we have the ring for you. Using the Periodic Table of Elements, the material of the ring is clearly illustrated with a stamp of science approval. From Ag for silver to Au for gold and Pt for platinum, you have a wide array of metals to choose from.

6. Through the Wormhole –Any geek who is a fan of the movie, Stargate, or the multiple television series based on it such as Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe, will recognize the chevrons, alien symbols, and watery void that makes up the wormhole between other worlds. This simple diamond band is beautiful, but the box it sits in gives it even more significance. Plus, I love the little pun ‘engaged’ that also refers to the wormhole being opened.

7. I Love You for Eternity – This ring is a classic Mobius Strip, the example of infinity. With the added twist, the band never appears to end. The three diamonds only serve to show the one-sidedness of this mathematical anomaly.

8. I Love You to Eight Bits – The Space Invaders game was one of the earliest and most popular games ever created. This ring features an ‘alien’ in all its eight bit glory. The boxy shape is due to it being created only in eight bits, like an original Nintendo game. A great ring for serious gamers.

9. You Transformed my Love – This ring looks normal at first, but when you take a look at the side you see that it is anything but normal. The metal ‘face’ on the side is the logo for a Transformer, a kid’s toy line that spawned cartoons and, recently, hit blockbuster films.

10. A Confident Love – These two simple rings look pretty normal, at first. In fact, if you do not know anything about the Star Wars movie series, you might miss the joke. The cocky fly boy, Han Solo, responds “I know” when the beautiful princess, Leia, tells him “I love you”. That spirit lives on in this wedding ring pair.

11. Hello There Beautiful –Hello Kitty is more than just an Asian fad, it is a worldwide phenomenon. From kids’ backpacks to purses and pencils to engagement rings, it seems like you can find that cute white kitten everywhere! Delicate and adorable, the heart shaped diamond really makes this ring stand out.

12. All of Time and Space –This TARDIS inspired ring is for the serious Doctor Who fan. The long lived English science fiction television series has spawned a rabid fan base, and the Doctor’s signature space and time ship, the TARDIS, has a life of its own. This ring incorporates the boxy design but accents the windows with diamonds. Just gorgeous.

13. Big Blue Box –Another take on the popular Doctor Who franchise, the ring is splendid but nothing unusual. However the box it is presented in is perfect. Painted the same vivid blue as the Doctor’s TARDIS and accessories with windows and the words “Police Call Box”, this box is a treasure of its own.

14. Luv U 4Ever –Texting language goes off screen with this simple ring. Combing a less than sign with a number three, the classic texter’s heart is there for everyone to see. Now that is true shorthand for love.

15. Those Who Play Together Stay Together –This ring is inspired by the Sony Playstation remote control. With a red gem in the O shape, a blue one in the X shape, a green one in the triangle shape and a pink one in the square shape, this diamond centered ring really matches the remote in every way.

16. A Portal from My Heart to Yours –The mind and space warping video game, Portal, is the subject of these unique rings. Opening a portal between two places means that an object can magically pass through it. In this case it is a silver heart. These two lovers will always be connected!

17. Where No Man Has Gone Before –Fans of the classic Star Trek television series will recognize the emblem this ring has been patterned after. The diamond accent adds a touch of class to the simple dual bands. At least they can wish each other the classic Vulcan greeting, “Live Long and Prosper”!

18. Take a Chance – This dice inspired ring blends a love of gaming with a love for a mate. Great for all those who can’t get gaming out of their minds and hearts.

19. Classic Romance – The classic gamer paring of Mario and Princess Peach is one for the ages, and you and your partner can be the same! This cute and simple ring presentation is charming and appeals to the gamer without going overboard.

There are literally hundreds of awesome geeky ring ideas out there. From games to movies, mythology to steampunk, there is a ring for every taste and inclination. If you ever get to the point you are picking out rings remember to look around and think outside the box… unless that box is blue!

All images from: http://themetapicture.com/when-two-geeks-fall-in-love/

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