Asscher Diamond Ring

Asscher Diamond Ring

Developed by Joseph Asscher, the Asscher cut was inspired by the table cuts of the Renaissance.  It became the forerunner of the standard emerald cut, except the Asscher cut has more light and fire than an emerald cut.  In 1902, Asscher Diamond Co. patented a rectilinear diamond cut. The Asscher diamond features a small table, with a high crown, and broad facets.   The Royal Asscher Diamond the official branded name for the  Asscher cut diamond.  It was also the company that  distributed in the United States. The short supply leaves a premium price for this special cut. It is recommended when buying a Asscher diamond that the color be at least a H color and a VS2 clarity.

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  • Tammy Lane

    I fell in love with a ring when I was walking downtown one summer day. It’s not so much as the carat or the color that attracted me to it. It was the sparkle that drew my attention when I passed by the store’s glass pane. Maybe it was how the lights were arranged to maximize its reflection or maybe it was the “cut”…Anyways, my husband could not afford it so I try to look everytime we pass by the store. Afterall, it wouldn’t hurt to look. My husband may have noticed how much I admired the ring. He didn’t bought the ring, not from that store anyway. What he gave me was one he shopped online and got for a fair price…a james allen platinum ring to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. Now he doesn’t have to pry me away from looking out through jewelry store windows just to catch a glimpse of them diamonds- I have one that sparkles the same way as those expensive ones. Sniff… Sniff…

  • clarity enhanced

    Asscher cuts are stunning.. great blog!

  • Sam Kritsotakis

    The Asscher cut diamond is definitely one of my favourite diamond cuts. The history behind the cut and the symbolism of the shape of the diamond are just the start.

    Because the corners are cut back at a 45 degree angle it really opens up the design possibilities especially if you have a client who is open minded about this special cut of diamond! The Asscher cut diamond make for such a great centre diamond in any multi-diamond set ring, it is hard to go past.

    As a jewellery designer in Sydney Australia, I love working with this diamond cut and being able to come up with new and wonderful ideas that push the boundary of jewellery design

    Sam Kritsotakis
    Eskae Jeweller – Your Private Jeweller