Antique Engagement Rings

Estate .87ct F, SI1 Radiant Cut 18k W.G. Ring Ebay Seller Petersuchjewelers1137

There are so many designs to pick from and some of the modern looks are often varied reproductions of the past. Most of the current engagement rings are copies of antique rings, so why not go looking at the original designs. Don’t be afraid of mixing in some color, being rubies, or emeralds, there are many looks than the traditional solitaire. When you do buy a ring on line, be sure to consider the color and the grade of diamond. Look in the V’s and at lowest SI1. The reason I say this is because in a jewelry store you can look through a loop, and often times a SI2’s flaws can be on the edge of the table where it is hidden, thus a pretty good diamond, because you can hide the imperfections with the setting.  On line you cannot inspect it in person, so go for a higher grade and the imperfectionswill not be visible by the eye, and you can still get that great bargain online.   Another great tip….  For all those purchases across border lines, IE, shipping from the United states into Canada, remember the border customs tax………  Ouch!  We paid an extra 1000 dollars just for customs.  We were silly, and should have sent it to our US address.  Customs is not returnable even if you send back the ring.  Just another tip!

Estate 1940 Retro Fine Diamond & Ruby Ring Ebay Seller Petersuchjewelers1137

Estate 1920’s Rare Blue Zircon Platinum Ring Ebay Seller PetersuchJewelers1137

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  • diana

    where can i find a ring like this one? Do you know a store that sells it? or a web site that sells it ?
    Estate .87ct F, SI1 Radiant Cut 18k W.G. Ring Ebay Seller Petersuchjewelers1137
    Very very antique pretty
    thank you!

  • Antique Emerald Ring shopper

    What a fantastic blog thanks for the information. Antique engagement rings hold such beauty to the beholder, I love their old world charm. The rings and settings on this page are simply stunning.

  • Vintage villas

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