19 Creative and Nerdy Wedding Rings

DNA Rings1 19 Creative and Nerdy Wedding Rings

Guest Post By Allison Foster

When two geeks fall in love, it can be an interesting experience. You see the thing about geeks or nerds or whatever you call them is that they are usually also very creative people. They do not want to settle for the same old boring things; especially when it comes to something as important and personal as wedding rings. They want something that will really show their creative side, portray their personalities and interests, and make them stand out above all the rest. From presentation to the ring itself, geeks can get creative in their proposals. Here are some awesomely creative and nerdy wedding rings that you have to see to believe!

1. A Part of My DNA – (above) These three wedding ring ideas borrow from biology. Great for all the science nerds out there, the rings are twisted in the double helixthat DNA is known for. From diamonds to tiny gems standing in for the base pairs, these rings could easily be personalized with the bride and groom’s birth stones. The simple gold ring is great for the man to wear.

2. We Just Click – Integrating an Ethernet port and plug, these his and hers wedding rings are a tech nerd’s dream come true. A little too boxy and chunky for my tastes, they still have a charm about them, but maybe they should be worn around the neck instead of on their fingers?

3. You Fry My Circuits –It is not only the ring that stands out in this image but the box it is in as well. The traditional red velvet heart box is filled with a circuit board. The ring itself features a tiny microchip instead of a diamond at the center.

simple ring was inspired by a USB or thumb drive 500x335 19 Creative and Nerdy Wedding Rings

4. Forever in My Memory –(above) The design of this simple ring was inspired by a USB or thumb drive. The USB plug sits in the center with its adjoining port just a bit away.

Periodic Table Rings 500x274 19 Creative and Nerdy Wedding Rings

5. We Have Chemistry – (above) For chemistry nerds everywhere, we have the ring for you. Using the Periodic Table of Elements, the material of the ring is clearly illustrated with a stamp of science approval. From Ag for silver to Au for gold and Pt for platinum, you have a wide array of metals to choose from.

6. Through the Wormhole –Any geek who is a fan of the movie, Stargate, or the multiple television series based on it such as Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe, will recognize the chevrons, alien symbols, and watery void that makes up the wormhole between other worlds. This simple diamond band is beautiful, but the box it sits in gives it even more significance. Plus, I love the little pun ‘engaged’ that also refers to the wormhole being opened.

7. I Love You for Eternity – This ring is a classic Mobius Strip, the example of infinity. With the added twist, the band never appears to end. The three diamonds only serve to show the one-sidedness of this mathematical anomaly.

8. I Love You to Eight Bits – The Space Invaders game was one of the earliest and most popular games ever created. This ring features an ‘alien’ in all its eight bit glory. The boxy shape is due to it being created only in eight bits, like an original Nintendo game. A great ring for serious gamers.

9. You Transformed my Love – This ring looks normal at first, but when you take a look at the side you see that it is anything but normal. The metal ‘face’ on the side is the logo for a Transformer, a kid’s toy line that spawned cartoons and, recently, hit blockbuster films.

10. A Confident Love – These two simple rings look pretty normal, at first. In fact, if you do not know anything about the Star Wars movie series, you might miss the joke. The cocky fly boy, Han Solo, responds “I know” when the beautiful princess, Leia, tells him “I love you”. That spirit lives on in this wedding ring pair.

11. Hello There Beautiful –Hello Kitty is more than just an Asian fad, it is a worldwide phenomenon. From kids’ backpacks to purses and pencils to engagement rings, it seems like you can find that cute white kitten everywhere! Delicate and adorable, the heart shaped diamond really makes this ring stand out.

12. All of Time and Space –This TARDIS inspired ring is for the serious Doctor Who fan. The long lived English science fiction television series has spawned a rabid fan base, and the Doctor’s signature space and time ship, the TARDIS, has a life of its own. This ring incorporates the boxy design but accents the windows with diamonds. Just gorgeous.

13. Big Blue Box –Another take on the popular Doctor Who franchise, the ring is splendid but nothing unusual. However the box it is presented in is perfect. Painted the same vivid blue as the Doctor’s TARDIS and accessories with windows and the words “Police Call Box”, this box is a treasure of its own.

14. Luv U 4Ever –Texting language goes off screen with this simple ring. Combing a less than sign with a number three, the classic texter’s heart is there for everyone to see. Now that is true shorthand for love.

15. Those Who Play Together Stay Together –This ring is inspired by the Sony Playstation remote control. With a red gem in the O shape, a blue one in the X shape, a green one in the triangle shape and a pink one in the square shape, this diamond centered ring really matches the remote in every way.

16. A Portal from My Heart to Yours –The mind and space warping video game, Portal, is the subject of these unique rings. Opening a portal between two places means that an object can magically pass through it. In this case it is a silver heart. These two lovers will always be connected!

17. Where No Man Has Gone Before –Fans of the classic Star Trek television series will recognize the emblem this ring has been patterned after. The diamond accent adds a touch of class to the simple dual bands. At least they can wish each other the classic Vulcan greeting, “Live Long and Prosper”!

18. Take a Chance – This dice inspired ring blends a love of gaming with a love for a mate. Great for all those who can’t get gaming out of their minds and hearts.

19. Classic Romance – The classic gamer paring of Mario and Princess Peach is one for the ages, and you and your partner can be the same! This cute and simple ring presentation is charming and appeals to the gamer without going overboard.

There are literally hundreds of awesome geeky ring ideas out there. From games to movies, mythology to steampunk, there is a ring for every taste and inclination. If you ever get to the point you are picking out rings remember to look around and think outside the box… unless that box is blue!

All images from: http://themetapicture.com/when-two-geeks-fall-in-love/

Author Bio:  Allison Foster writes on behalf of http://www.nannyclassifieds.com/. It provides a great solution to the needs of both nannies and working parents for finding anything on the internet.

Picking Out The Right Ring For Your Bride

71uMMyTq0nL  SY395 1 Picking Out The Right Ring For Your Bride

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There is a common misconception when it comes to engagement rings, that they all have to be diamonds and they have to be expensive. Let’s get real and realize that not everyone has the same style or the money to do so.

An engagement is to signify to your bride and others that you have made the commitment to marry this person in the future and an engagement ring is the sign of that love. An engagement ring tends to be the ‘wow factor’ compared to the wedding band that a bride receives on her wedding day during the vow exchange. Picking the right ring isn’t as hard as you think. Choose an engagement ring that signifies your love for her and what you two represent. Give her something that no one else has and that she will love for a life time. Consider her style and her taste in her clothing, home décor and in general.

If she tends to like antiques in her home, then a vintage ring with a different stone could interest her. If she tends to buy new and name brand modern things she would like a princess cut diamond. Some tricks that you could do to find out the right ring for her isto do some sneaky homework.

See if she has a Pinterest account, you can publically find her by searching her name and then finding a board that is labeled ‘wedding’, ‘jewelry’ or just roam her boards for inspiration. Women pin things that they want or find pleasing. Also try carefully searching her current ring collection as well as keep an eye open to suggestions. Most women have an idea of what they want and have no problem dropping small hints. Lastly, try talking to her best friend, sibling or the person that would know more about her ring preferences. Be sure that this person can keep a secret!

Don’t put yourself in debt over a ring and purchase a ring that you can afford. It has been said that three month salary is the appropriate amount to spend on a ring. Take your time and save up for the ring. If you feel that the ring is less than what you were hoping for, always keep in mind that you can always buy her an upgraded ring further down the road.

Picking out the bride was the best decision you ever made and the engagement ring, the second. Ignore the social standards of rings and buy one that something that she will love and that comes from the heart. Good luck and happy engagement!

Author Byline:

Allison once she graduated from college, as it allowed her to combine her two passions: writing and children. She has enjoyed furthering her writing career with http://www.nannyclassifieds.com/ . She can be in touch through e-mail allisonDOTnannyclassifiedsATgmail rest you know.

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How To Restore The Flame When The Fire Has Burned Out In Your Marriage

How To Restore The Flame When The Fire Has Burned Out In Your Marriage 500x342 How To Restore The Flame When The Fire Has Burned Out In Your MarriageMarried couples can easily find themselves in a rut as the years go by. The children need to be driven to and from school and chauffeured to all of their activities, and the parents forget to take time for themselves. Sometimes, they even think that they will be able to pay more attention to their spouses after the last child leaves home, but they have many uninteresting years left to endure before that happens. These couples can take the time now to restore the flame they once had by setting aside time to try some of the suggestions in this post.

Remember What Made the Relationship Fun

A great place to start is to remember what made being with each other so much fun. The couple may be stuck in predictability with family concerns and work dominating their thoughts and time. This was not the case when they were first dating.

Couples need to ask themselves what made their early years interesting. For example, before these couples had children, they had time to take weekend trips together. They can restore the old flame they had by doing these sorts of activities again. They will not be able to be as spontaneous as they used to be, but they can begin to have the same types of experiences they had before they let family responsibilities take over.

Ask Your Spouse to Go Out on a Date

Dating is not just what people do before they get married. If they are wise, they will continue the dating process before the marriage, throughout the time they are raising their families and after they become empty-nesters. This strategy helps to put the spark back in a marriage if people take just one night a week to make the other feel special on a date. This does not require that they leave the house or spend a lot of money.

When they were courting in the beginning, sometimes, all couples did was rent a movie and pick up take-out at the nearest restaurant and then snuggled next to each other on the couch. This activity is enough to help couples remember how wonderful it felt to be near each other.

How To Restore The Flame When The Fire Has Burned Out In Your Marriage1 How To Restore The Flame When The Fire Has Burned Out In Your Marriage

Show Your Appreciation

With people so pre-occupied with the laundry, the kids and the cooking, they may feel as if they do not have enough time in the day to make sure that their spouses feel special. People can always find a few minutes to let their spouses know that they are appreciated. This may mean that wives take a little time to write a note and place it next to their husbands’ shaving cream. A husband can pick up a little figurine and say that it reminded him of dearly beloved. These little actions let spouses know that they are thinking about one another and that they are not taken for granted.

Try New Things Together

The activities couples did in the past are helpful in returning the fire back to a marriage, but new things work to achieve the same goal as well. The adrenalin rush they received when they were first dating has not disappeared altogether. It still exists, but they will need to explore new activities that can mimic the lustful feelings they had when the relationship was new. This may mean that they begin exercising together, but it can also mean that they pursue something intellectual, such as learning a foreign language. As they work together to achieve a common goal, they will remember how it was to be a couple excited about each other.

Spice Up Things in the Bedroom

Couples are working hard, and a common complaint is that they are too tired at the end of the day to enjoy each other sexually. They may also have fallen into a routine in the bedroom that makes exploring each other not as much fun as it used to be. The fire can return in the bedroom as well if couples make it a point of finding new things to do. For example, if they find that they are in the habit of positioning themselves in the same way every time they have relations, they can seek a new manner of doing things that will make relations new again. People have many books or even videos that will help them learn something new to make their relationship interesting again.

Author Bio

Rebecca Brown is an avid blogger for NQ Mobile on Bloomberg, keeping people protected when using their mobile devices.

How To Restore The Flame When The Fire Has Burned Out In Your Marriage2 500x500 How To Restore The Flame When The Fire Has Burned Out In Your MarriageHow To Restore The Flame When The Fire Has Burned Out In Your Marriage3 How To Restore The Flame When The Fire Has Burned Out In Your MarriageHow To Restore The Flame When The Fire Has Burned Out In Your Marriage4 500x722 How To Restore The Flame When The Fire Has Burned Out In Your Marriage

5 Top Brands in USA that Offer Engagement Rings

Zales Rings 500x405 5 Top Brands in USA that Offer Engagement Rings

Are you to plan your entire life with your partner? Is it that you are prepared to spend some money on your memorable as well as special occasion? Are you sure that he or she is the right one for you? Is your decision about the one is right for you, as you have to be with the one person forever?

If you have Yes as the answer for all the aforementioned questions then you need to get yourself an engagement right. Having the best and exclusive engagement ring is something extremely tough to have. You may find yourself confused as you may come across numerous options. You need to make sure that you have decided properly to prevent any sort of regrets in the near future. In most of the scenarios, people want their engagement days to be an extremely perfect and special one by opting for an exclusive and unique engagement ring. In the present times, designer engagement rings are exceedingly popular and well accepted.

Why would you think so? The primary reason is that it would be the best one when it comes to quality and designing. Although they are expensive but are classy too as the hold a good market reputation. The top 5 brands that offer engagement rings are Robin Bros, Tiffany and Co., Verragio, Zales and Tacori.

- First and foremost, it is about Tiffany and Co. It happens to be an extremely popular brand when it comes to different engagement ring styles as it offers both typical and contemporary styles. The rings are available for both women and men. It also offers wedding bands, pendants, earrings and bracelets.

- Tacori is another renowned name in this regard. They not only offer rings but also bracelets, necklaces and earrings. You must be wondering what kind of materials are utilized by the brand? The signature rings by Tacori are mostly made of platinum and diamond. These exclusive and man-made rings are best in quality as well as luster that you cannot see in any of the other available brands.

- Zales is another renowned brand of the USA. They are offering people with discounts and exclusive deals that people really get to appreciate. They offer their consumers with more than 70% of discount which is quite big and you cannot find any such deal in any other store. The brand itself is very much exclusive as they allow their customers have more options to personalize their engagement and wedding rings. This way, the consumers find them more special and feel that they actually have designed their own ring for a special occasion.

Verragio Engagement Rings 500x500 5 Top Brands in USA that Offer Engagement Rings

- Verragio also is a unique brand which offers its consumers with diamond rings for weddings and engagements that your partner is really going to appreciate. The rings they offer are exceedingly easy to clean and extremely comfortable to wear. You can choose from numerous available designs as per your budget and preferences.

- Then it is the Robin Bros. It is a brand which established back in year 1920 and is running until now. They have been satisfying their consumers via different exclusive services. They do not only sell engagement rings but also offer other accessories and trinkets.
So what are you actually waiting for? This is the time when you should be showing love and affection to your partner. You can surprise them with your love and present them with their engagement rings.

Authored by Nadine Myrick.

Tacori 500x325 5 Top Brands in USA that Offer Engagement Rings

How to Get an Engagement Ring Appraised

Stunning Engagement Ring 500x499 How to Get an Engagement Ring Appraised

An engagement ring is usually a pretty big investment that deserves to be covered under an insurance policy. In order to get insurance coverage for an engagement ring, you will probably have to get the ring appraised. If you would like to know how to go about getting an engagement ring appraised, the following tips can help.

Understand the Appraisal Process

Before you get an engagement ring appraised, you should familiarize yourself with the appraisal process. First of all, you should locate a professional independent jewelry appraiser to complete the appraisal. They have the proper qualifications and will be able to give you an honest and trustworthy appraisal. A professional will also be taken seriously by insurance companies when it comes time to insure the ring. When you meet with the appraiser, they will analyze many aspects of the ring and complete a detailed report. The report will contain information on the ring and list its value. Although values are calculated in a number of ways, the most common value placed upon an engagement ring is the true market value. This is the amount it would cost to replace the ring if it happens to be lost or stolen.

Get the Appraisal

Once you have an understanding of how the appraisal process works, you should then find a qualified individual to appraise your ring. You may have to make an appointment with the appraiser, depending on their schedule and yours. The duration of jewelry appraisals can vary, but plan on setting aside at least half an hour. You will obviously have to take the engagement ring with you to the appointment. The appraiser will thoroughly examine the ring and may take notes during the examination. They will look at things like the style and composition of the ring. They will also grade any diamonds or gemstones that may be in place. After their examination is complete, the appraiser will then make a report based on their findings. The report will likely contain things such as a detailed description, photographs, characteristics of the ring, and its value. Most professional independent jewelry appraisers will also list their credentials and qualifications when they sign and complete the appraisal. After you have your engagement ring appraised, you will be able to obtain insurance coverage for it. Some people also like to get engagement rings appraised prior to purchase, so they know the person selling it is representing the ring appropriately and selling it for a fair price. Some sellers may allow this, others may not.

Engagment Rings 500x500 How to Get an Engagement Ring Appraised

After the Appraisal

Once your engagement ring has been appraised by a professional, you will have to take the detailed appraisal report to your insurance agent before you can get coverage. Most jewelry can be added to an existing homeowners or renters insurance policy for a relatively small amount. The value of the engagement ring will usually determine how much you pay for insurance coverage.

Now that you know how simple it is to get an engagement ring appraised, you should have no excuse not to do it. An appraisal will not only allow you to obtain insurance coverage for the ring, but give you peace of mind as well.

All Photos Come From Georgian Jewelry

Guest post from Frances Hall. Frances writes for 100BestDatingSites.com.

Outstanding Engagement Ring 500x500 How to Get an Engagement Ring AppraisedEngagement Rings 2 500x433 How to Get an Engagement Ring Appraised

How to Find the Best Engagement Ring for Your Special Someone

Diamond Engagement Ring 500x306 How to Find the Best Engagement Ring for Your Special Someone

How to Find the Best Engagement Ring for Your Special Someone

Many women dream of having a beautiful engagement ring on their finger. It represents a life of love and happiness with her future husband, and the ring symbolizes that love. Naturally, a man will want to find the best engagement ring for his special someone. When he sets out shopping, there are a few pointers he can keep in mind.

What Does She Want?

Perhaps the simplest way to find the best engagement ring for a woman is for a man to take his future fiance along when he shops for a ring, suggests About.com. She'll be able to see the styles, the cut on the stones, and determine if the ring fits her hand. And chances are if he is in a serious relationship, she's already thought about and possibly seen the right ring for her. However, the drawback to this method is that it prevents the element of surprise, which some men want when they present their future fiance with a ring and the down-on-one-knee routine.


For the man who is determined to go it alone on his ring-shopping quest, one of the most important questions he can ask himself is “What is her style?” This not only includes the decorative elements of the ring such as oval verses square cut on the stones, but it also has broader implications. If the guy and his gal are nature enthusiasts who spend a lot of time hiking, rock climbing, camping, or playing outdoor sports, a ring that can get snagged on a rock may not be the best option. Stones that lay flat or are embedded in the metal of the ring fit the action girl lifestyle. On the other hand, women who don't have as active a lifestyle may prefer a higher set on the stone than someone who's on the go all the time.

Additionally, rings are designed to fit certain fashion styles as well. A woman who favors traditional clothing and makeup styles may also gravitate toward these styles for her ring. However, a woman who embraces a modern, almost avant gard style will probably not enjoy the same kind of ring. When going shopping for a ring, a man can visit with the ring salesman to be directed the the ring style that will fit his future fiance best.

Ring Size

At some point in the ring buying process, the man will need to find out what his girlfriend's ring size is, according to YourEngagement101.com. One simple way to do this is to get a ring sizer and compare it to other rings she has in her jewelry box until he finds her size. This works if the woman keeps her unworn rings in a jewelry box to which her husband-to-be can easily access. Additionally, this should be done with a ring sizer as opposed to removing the ring from the box; the woman may figure out that it's gone and panic.

If this option doesn't work, he can enlist the help of a best friend or her parents to find out her size. This can negate the element of surprise that the man is hoping for, however. The man must also be able to trust the person he's asking. He doesn't need someone to spill the beans before the magical moment.

ROUND DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING ART DECO ANTIQUE 2 45CTW Ebay Seller designs by knr 500x377 How to Find the Best Engagement Ring for Your Special Someone Estate rare oval White Sapphire 18k W G  Ring Ebay Seller Petersuchjewelers1137 500x392 How to Find the Best Engagement Ring for Your Special Someone


Sometimes the guy in question already has a ring in mind because it has been passed down in his family for generations. If that is the case, then he should talk with his intended about her feelings about the heirloom ring. If this becomes the ring of choice, then the couple may want to incorporate the history of the ring into the wedding ceremony to tie the event to the past and present.


Many a man may worry about finding the best engagement ring for his future wife. However, YourEngagement101 advises men not to let these feelings make them insecure. While a woman may have an opinion about why another woman's ring isn't exactly right, the ring that lands on her finger from her special guy makes it her ring and therefore something special. If the man listens to his girlfriend when she talks about what the ideal ring for her would be, he should be set on the course that will help him find the right engagement ring for his intended.

Author Bio
Becky Harris writes for Upack moving containers on a variety of topics.

Buying An Engagement Ring1 500x688 How to Find the Best Engagement Ring for Your Special Someone

How To Build Your Own Engagement Ring

Stunning Engagement Rings 500x500 How To Build Your Own Engagement Ring

Borrow From Any Look Of Your Dreams- Build YOUR Own Custom Ring

Because your engagement ring is a piece of jewelry you'll treasure for a lifetime, you'll want it to be as special as the love and commitment it represents. And if you have the engagement ring of your dreams clearly envisioned in your mind, you can bring it to life by building it yourself. You don't have to be an experienced jeweler to build an engagement ring--there are plenty of online resources to help you get the job done, or you can simply enlist the help of a local jeweler. Whichever way you decide to go about it, here are the steps you'll need to take to build an engagement ring that's as unique as you are.

Choose a Metal

The first step in building an engagement ring is to choose the metal you want your ring to be made of. If you like a traditional gold color, you may want to stick with yellow-gold. If you generally wear more silver jewelry, white gold and platinum would be better options. Many people are very sensitive to particular types of metal and if you're one of them, palladium might be the metal of choice for you as it's a nickel-free metal.

Decide on a Setting

Setting options for an engagement ring truly are endless--and if you can imagine it, there's probably a setting that will fit your design. Traditional settings such as the prong setting or bar setting are very popular--they're great for larger-sized stones and they're very strong and secure. A bezel setting is also a good choice when it comes to settings. Not only is it secure--it also helps hide minor imperfections in the stone due to the fact that it encases the stone either partially or entirely via a circular metal band. Flush and tension settings use the metal band itself for support, no prongs required, while channel and invisible settings are best used if your ring will host several smaller stones. If you want your ring to have a focal stone along with several accent stones, a variation or customized setting will probably work best for you. Settings vary in price, and the more stones you incorporate, the more you should expect to spend.

Select Your Stones

Traditionally diamonds are the stone of choice for engagement rings, but any precious gemstone can be used in your custom-built ring. Whether you choose a diamond or another treasured stone, select the size and shape that will work best with your setting choice. Princess, Emerald, and Radiant are popular square-cut diamonds--they work well with prong settings and are known to really sparkle and shine. Other popular shapes for engagement ring stones are the oval, heart, pear, and marquise. A combination of shapes can be used in a custom-built ring, especially if accent stones are part of your design.

Personalize with Unique Details

When you build your own engagement ring, you have the opportunity to incorporate unique detailing that can't be found on the rings in a jeweler's window display case. A design etched around the band, a heartfelt message engraved on the inside of the ring, or symbol used to make-up part of the metal band are just a few personal details that you can build into your one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

Building your own engagement ring is a wonderful way to express the love you share with that special someone. The building process will allow you to be as creative as you want to be so that you end up with a fairy-tale engagement ring unlike any other.

Guest post from Bailey Harris. Bailey writes about insurance quotes for InsuranceQuotes.org.

Unique Engagment Rings 500x500 How To Build Your Own Engagement Ring

Borrow From Any Look Of Your Dreams- Build YOUR Own Custom Ring

What You Need To Know About Diamond Certification

What You Need To Know About Diamond Certification What You Need To Know About Diamond CertificationA diamond certification begins with grading and evaluating a diamond to determine its value. Color, clarity, cut, and carat weight are the attributes of diamonds and are the 4Cs. Once diamonds are graded, a detailed report lists each one of the diamond’s attributes. Make sure the gemologist is certified by the Gemology Institute of America or GIA because it is your assurance that he or she maintains the highest code of ethics when grading and carrying out the diamond certification process.

Grading System

Established in 1931, GIA developed the International Grading System for accurately grading gemstones. It is an integral part of the diamond certification process. The GIA is trusted as the respected authority that educates and certifies gemologists. It takes a series of scientific tests and evaluations to perform the grading process on a diamond. Gemologists use sophisticated equipment to grade color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.


Before grading a diamond, the first step is to determine if it is natural or synthetic. A color scale establishes a diamond's color and grades it from ‘D’ to ‘Z’. The ‘D’ grade is colorless while a ‘Z’ grade is light yellow to brown in color. The categories on the scale are colorless, nearly colorless, faint, very light, and light. Nearly colorless gemstones are widely used in jewelry. For accuracy in grading color, gemologists use a set of master gemstones that precisely match the color scale to compare and determine the grade of a gemstone.


When the gemologist looks at a stone, he or she is looking for internal and surface inclusions, which are natural forming characteristics or byproducts of the gem’s formation. Each inclusion gives diamonds their unique ‘fingerprints’. This scale has 11 clarity grades from ‘flawless’ to ‘I3’. A flawless gemstone has no inclusions while the grade ‘I3’ has inclusions visible to the naked eye. An example of an inclusion is ‘VS’, which stands for a Very Small inclusion. Gemologists use a jeweler’s 10X magnification loupe and a microscope to see inclusions and spot diamonds that received treatment to enhance their appearance. Inclusions noted on the grading report are part of the diamond certification process.


This step of the grading process determines the beauty and appearance of the diamond. The five ratings on the scale are excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor. The round brilliant cut is the standard when determining and grading the cut of a diamond. However, the rating scale applies to any cut of diamond. In addition to cut, gemologists look at a diamond's light performance. The sparkle and brilliance of diamonds depend on their cut and polish, how light strikes the surface, and how much light returns to the eye from the diamond. All of these factors affect the appearance of a diamond.

Next, the diamond is rotated 360 degrees in order to create a 3-D model. Although there are no exact measurements that determine a well cut diamond, GIA uses a complex set of calculations to determine a diamond’s proportion. In addition to proportion, symmetry is another aspect of grading the cut of a diamond.

Carat Weight

One carat equals 200 milligrams or 1/5 of a gram in weight and larger stones are valued higher. For instance, a 1 carat diamond is worth more than four 1/4 carat diamonds put together. An electronic scale weighs to the fifth decimal place, and diamonds sold are at weights to the second decimal place-2.25 carats.

A grading report contains detailed information about the diamond and completes the diamond certification process. For access to the report, it is also online. As added insurance, a diamond can be laser inscribed with report number, message, or logo.

Why Certification

The purpose for diamond certification ensures that customers receive an accurate representation of diamond attributes and an assigned value according to the International Grading System criteria.

When purchasing a diamond, complete the diamond certification process and ask for the GIA certificate. As an added measure of assurance, confirm that the information on the GIA certificate by looking through a jeweler’s 10X magnification loupe. While diamonds are a symbol of lasting beauty, it is equally important to get what you pay for.

Author bio:

Ken Thomas is diamond jeweler and avid blogger who writes for numerous blogs including New Updates Weekly.

The Best Engagement Rings What You Need To Know About Diamond Certification